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Our Work

Truth, Restoration & Education Commission

The Truth, Restoration, and Education Commission (TREC) is working to examine the true history of Colorado and what lead to the genocide of Indigenous Peoples in Colorado. Currently, TREC is working on an Economic Loss Assessment and will use this report to develop restoration recommendations and educate the Colorado Community.

The People of the Sacred Land work focuses on the Nations who had ceded Treaty land in Colorado.  The Truth, Restoration, and Education Commission (TREC) focuses on all of the Nations that ceded land except the Bannock Nation.  

Those Nations and the information about their ceded land are as follows 

  1. Shoshoni and Bannock; Eastern Bands (Northwest corner of Colorado); Fort Bridger Utah Territory,  Stat. L., xv, 673; July 3rd, 1868. Treaty Notes on page 850, and Designation 520 on Royce map Colorado Number 1.   Note: We did not consider the Bannocks for inclusion in our work. Which may be an error on our part.
  2. Multiple Ute Bands- Tabeguache, Muache, Capote, Weeminuchi, Yampa River, and Uintah;    Western ½ of Colorado, Treaty/Agreement notes at 848-849; Washington DC, March 2, 1868, Stat. L., xv, 619; Designation 515, 566, 616, and 617 on Royce map Colorado Number 1, and Designation 586 and 609 on Colorado Number 2.  
  3. Cheyenne and Arapaho of Upper Arkansas, multiple Bands; Feb. 18, 1861, Fort Wise Kansas Territory; Stat. L., XII, 1163; Designation 426, (with an explanatory note that Sept. 17, 1851, Fort Laramie Treaty unratified) Nebraska, Kansas 1, Colorado 1, Wyoming 1.  Treaty of Little Arkansas River, Kansas, Oct. 14, 1865, Cheyenne, Arapaho, and Apache Designation number 477, Colorado Number 1.  (Note: there are extensive notes regarding in Royce on pages 838-839 discussing these treaties).
  4. Comanche and Kiowa, Oct. 18, 1865; Camp on Little Arkansas River; Stat. L., XIV, 717, Extensive Treaty Notes at Royce page 838,839.  Designation 478, Colorado Number 1, Kansas Number 1, and Texas (portion of)

  End Note: In the Annual report of the Bureau of American Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, Volume 18, Part 2.    Indian Land Cessions in the United States, compiled by Charles C. Royce  1899; multiple pages and maps.

“In a very short period of time, from 1861 to 1864, virtually all American Indians were removed from the Front Range and Eastern Plains. We want to know exactly how Indian people were removed from this area and exactly how much was lost.

Richard Williams, PSL CEO

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People of the Sacred Land

People of the Sacred Land is a Colorado-based nonprofit working to uncover the truth about American Indian history in the state. The purpose of the People of Sacred Land is to support American Indian people who are citizens of the State of Colorado to preserve their culture, language, and ways of life that were intimately tied to the land.


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