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Learn the truth about American Indian History and Treaty Rights in Colorado
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Who We Are

People of the Sacred Land

People of the Sacred Land (PSL) is 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization comprised of Native leaders, elders, and concerned citizens who want to learn the truth about the dispossession of their land and why Native people in Colorado were forced from their homelands.  How and why did the genocide happen?  Who was responsible for the policies, treaties, and laws that harmed Indians?  What can be done about the actions of the past, and what are the solutions to resolve the past? The People of the Sacred Land was formed when they began to learn about the lies and untold stories of the history of Colorado.  They are seeking the truth, creating equity, education, restoration, and reconciliation for the past.  

The Land

We acknowledge today that we are living on the land of our Native American ancestors. In recent times the United States government legally recognized the Cheyenne and Arapaho Nations as the owners of the land through the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851. At least 48 other nations occupied this land in the last 500 years. We acknowledge that the Creator gave us this land along with the instructions that we are responsible for caring for the land, the water, the air, and all living beings. As we acknowledge the land, we must also refute the colonized notion of manifest destiny. We will seek ongoing opportunities to engage Native people in land stewardship and restore justice to Native People.

Truth, Restoration & Education Commission

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Uncovering the truth about the American Indian genocide in Colorado


Offering pathways for community connection and healing

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Creating education opportunities for American Indians and Non-natives

The Truth, Restoration, and Education Commission (TREC) is working to examine the true history of Colorado and what lead to the genocide of Indigenous Peoples in Colorado. Currently, TREC is working on an Economic Loss Assessment and will use this report to develop restoration recommendations and educate the Colorado Community.

Dedicated to Community

Our Work

American Indians in Colorado experience economic and social inequalities at higher rates than other populations. People of the Sacred Land is working towards acknowledging historical truths that will inform recommendations for improved access to social mobility and quality of life for American Indians.

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